What I Made For Dinner Last Night: Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala

I have always adored Italian cuisine. You cannot beat a good Italian dumpling: tortellini, or Ravoli! You cannot beat Veal Parmigiana or Italian Beef.

Brando, Pal! What’s for dinner tonight?
Chicken Marsala, Sonny. I’ll save some for you. You’re busy tonight and you can’t sup with us. 

A four hour and thirty minute wait for this incredible chicken was worth it. Amanda and I recently had some Veal Marsala and we were craving some good Italian food. I had wanted to attempt Chicken Marsala for a while now, and I knew that the slow cooker recipe she recommended was the best approach.

These chicken drumsticks were bathed in salt, black pepper, fresh pepper, chives, garlic, etc. We were missing mushrooms unfortunately so I did without in the slow cooker. But the marsala wine just like the chicken enhanced the meal.

During the wait we passed the time with television. Also Amanda made some delicious braunschweiger sandwiches which I enjoyed with some Earl Grey Tea from Twinings. 


These chicken drumsticks were out of this world and the marsala sauce they were in was excellent. I could not believe I made this. I made my palette feel like it was at the

Excellent Italian Restaurant

This place would suffice though.

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