Short’s Autumn Ale, An ESB enjoyed best with Friends

Background: I have three best friends: a psychologist working on his doctorate, a cop, and a chef (my wife). Today the psychologist and I got to party after my book signing. We had some good coffee and some good beer. I don’t typically enjoy draught beer due to the price and the cost of going out but today I did with him.

My choice of beer was Short’s Autumn Ale.

Brewery: Short’s Brewing Company

Country of Origin: United States of America

Abv: 5.75%

Serving Methodology: Draught into pint glass

Beer Style: Extra Special Bitter

Taste & Aroma: This is a pleasant malty and mineral smelling beer. It reminds me of Fuller’s ESB. I recommend this beer without reservation. A Caramel flavor that is not bitter and a malty backbone that has an excellent finish that those acquainted with ESBs will enjoy. In the future I shall post some brief content on what an extra special bitter is.

Final Analysis: This is a fine seasonal beer that is outside the realm of Oktoberfest or the Pumpkin beers that you  see floating about this time of year. If you can get it try Short’s Autumn.



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