What I’ve Been Listening To: Rising Up–Mike Doughty 10/29/2016




Artist: Mike Doughty

Album: Sad Man Happy Man (2009)

Song: “Rising Up”

“Every day I’m Rising Up….Every day I’m Rising Up.”

Mike Doughty’s song about life moving on and improving yourself each day despite adversity is a pertinent one today. Doughty is an incredible singer-songwriter. As I continue this ‘author thing’ this is an inspiring number. I had my first book singing today with some other local authors from Central Illinois. Surprisingly I managed to walk in the book signing with a mess of inventory. Now I have almost no inventory.

I managed to walk away feeling like I made some new pals, networked, and I feel that I need to acquire more inventory and do some more book signings. I’m rising up.








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