HyVee 100% Colombian: This Grocery Store Brand is Far From Generic In Flavor


Grocery store coffee brands often come to reputations less than favorable. The prestige of Gevalia and the Keurig-centered brand of Green Mountain are not heaped on their grocery store counterparts. People frown oftentimes when you show off a Great Value K-Cup in your Keurig chamber. Unlike those frowning people and snobs, I’ve got an open mind. One of my best friends gave me some Wal-Mart coffee. That was good. HyVee’s is just as good.

Colombian coffee, like Guatemalan Coffee is outstanding! HyVee’s blend does a dynamite job with both aroma and flavor. The bright aroma is a good opener to bold flavor. It is not too woody, it resembles a dark fruit. This is a mellow coffee with a big personality. This is a good bright coffee that is not too acidic or woody. This is pure pleasure to drink. This would be a good base to a coffee drink without espresso. It is not too often when you enjoy a coffee that is mellow but has an incredible personality. Give grocery store coffee a chance.


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