An Ode To French Crullers


A Dunkin Donuts location just opened up in my town. It also has a Baskin-Robbins in the same location. I focused on the Dunkin donuts location obviously. Before I devoured my Big Toasty sandwich with sausage and eggs I enjoyed two crullers. Why crullers, you ask?


I prefer filled doughnuts with Bavarian cream. Unfortunately, Dunkin Donuts decides to contaminate their Bavarian cream filled donuts with powdered sugar. Why? I do not know at all. But that wrecks a good doughnut. The French Cruller at Dunkin Donuts is an excellent example of what a doughnut should be though.

This is a sugary, sweet but not too sweet doughtnut with a hearty and soft bite. This fried yeasty bit of dough is simple and elegant at the same time. It is worth your time to take a big bite of a cruller at your local bakery, doughnut shoppe, or a chain one like Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts. This is a worthwhile pursuit, ladies and gentlemen. Dunk this doughnut into a proper cup of joe and you’ll feel like a winner for a while.

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