Traditional Medicinals: Gypsy Cold Care

During these months where colder weather is encroaching I find myself mildly to moderately congested. NyQuil is helpful during times when I’m actually falling ill. However, when I’m well I don’t want to travel down the road of pharmaceuticals. No, it is herbal tea time when it is time for everyday respiratory relief.

A lovely aroma of mint and something cinnamon-like can tickle your nose right away. When sipped, flavors of mint, pepper, salt, and cinnamon attack your taste buds. The lingering mint finish is subtle. This is a flavorful tea that could easily be the point of entry for non herbal tea drinkers. I recommend this herbal tea.

I will be beginning to explore Traditional Medicinals line of exquisite herbal teas. Expect more posts about these excellent teas.











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