Requiem: Avenging Angel

Requiem: Avenging Angel (1999)

Platform Played: PC

Price Under $5.00 purchased in a Steam sale

Publisher: 3DO

Developer: Cyclone Studios


Background: I had never heard of this game until this year. Seeing 3DO on a game’s boxart or even on a game’s description brings back happy memories. They produced on of my favorite, albeit short lived game series of all time: Battletanx (1998) and its sequel Battletanx: Global Assault (1999). Now, Requiem: Avenging Angel (1999) was released around the same time as Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight (1997) and its expansion: Mysteries of The Sith (1998). Furthermore it was also released at the same time as Quake II (1997). With these giants of second generation FPS games present it is no wonder why I did not bother playing this game at the time of the release. Also with its Mature rating it is no wonder why I didn’t get to play it.

The story involves an angel named Malachi attempting to wage warfare against evil forces on the planet Earth. You can read more about the story here at this page.

Gameplay: Missions are oftentimes undertaken in a running and gunning mode of play. The player will oftentimes be engaging overwhelming odds and solving puzzles involving switches and other objects. Levels range from the urban to industrial, and the peaceful luxury of a hotel to the austerity of a military fortress.

Weapons range from the convential to the speculative. I was told there is a rail-gun in later parts of the game and that does sound interesting! However, the puzzles frustrated me. I managed to rescue a member of the resistance group Malachi begins assisting and found myself trying to get out of the fortress and then I was at a point where my interest in the game began to diminish as I needed help from a walkthrough to get past the puzzle. Videos are the only option when it comes to that. I have no desire to watch videos and waste time. There was no ‘no-clip’ mode either to get me past a closed door. Finally, I had enough and I stopped playing.

A helpful bum.
The handgun
A  helpful bartender.


An important location.
The rescue I mentioned.

Final Analysis: This was a decent game. If you like puzzles maybe you won’t be halted from continuing. I was from frustration. There’s so many better games out there. Check them out and only play this if you have the patience to do so. Happy Gaming.


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