The Green Arrow: An Excellent Mod by Team RayCast for Wolfenstein 3D

Team RayCast led by DoomJedi is a legendary force to be reckoned with in the world of Wolfenstein 3D (1992) modding. If you have not checked out one of their mods visit this post I did a while ago and scroll down to the bottom two mods, or consult their moddb page here. You are missing out if you do not do so.




This was a fun romp through the Green Arrow’s place of origin: a North China Sea Island. If you are a fan of the comic or the TV show you will enjoy this mod. And if you are a Wolfenstein 3D fan you’ll think it is another one of RayCast’s greatest hits!

The ability to sneak, stalk, and surveil enemies with the bow gives the player a unique experience in the Wolfenstein engine. I would highly recommend this mod an others by Team RayCast without reservation. I would like to see a sequel to this mod, but in Starling City, not the island. Hopefully, that can happen. Hats off to Team RayCast.


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