Traditional Medicinals: Organic Echinacea Plus


When it comes to Herbal Tea, Traditional Medicinals seems to rise to the top. Frankly, the more I want herbal tea, the more I want it to be Traditional Medicinals. This label carries a lot of weight to many of my more herbal-leaning tea drinking friends. Over time I too have embraced it. This is one of their teas that I have not tried yet. Let’s Dive In!

Taste & Aroma: I’m smelling pine and mint right away in my mug. I like those scents a lot. I picture a log cabin, blankets, smores, , and just maybe some venison on the plate. Don’t forget the raging blaze within the fire place. Warmth for winter is right here. A light acidic flavor is here. The mint is a subtle finish. I also detect some anise.

Impression: This is a good tea. Not my favorite by Traditional Medicinals, but this is good. I may revisit this again when I’m feeling like I need an immunity boost.



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