Wake Up Dead Nitro By Left Hand Brewing

Brewery: Left Hand

Beer: Wake Up Dead

Beer Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Abv: 10.2%

Country of Origin: United States of America (Colorado)

Serving Method: Bottle poured into pint glass

Background: Left Hand is a brewery I have explored over time. They’ve got a good IPA, and they’re famous for their milk stout. Tonight, I’m having their Imperial Stout, Wake Up Dead. For history on Russian Imperial Stouts, visit this post. 

Taste & Aroma: I opened this beer poured it into a pint glass and I let it breathe for about ten to fifteen minutes before I started sipping it, it retained it’s beige colored head despite being left out for a decent amount of time. Let’s dive in. 


Taste & Aroma: The nose here is what you would expect for a high-calibre beer like this one. Dark fruits, molasses, chocolate, and coffee. The flavors are just as complex. The flavors are as follows: warming booze, coffee, chocolate, molasses, anise, and chocolate. This is a rather complex tasting beer that has an almost mirror image for a complex aroma. I have not yet seen this with stouts: imperial or otherwise.


Final Analysis: This is an excellent Russian Imperial Stout and it is almost the best one I’ve ever had. The best I’ve ever had was actually Russian, and I’ll write about that if I ever get a chance to have another bottle of that. Great job, Left Hand.


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