Post Election Thoughts & Musings

Dear Readers,
Well it is over. And I’m glad. I got to participate as an election judge. It was rewarding. The voter turnout was high. It was excellent to see the peoples’ process at work.
On a global scale we got to see a political party reborn: The GOP is not the party of Abraham Lincoln anymore. It has not since 1865. If you disagree examine reconstruction under Andrew Johnson. It is now the party of Donald Trump. This was a referendum against Hollywood, Edutainment Shows, the Koch Brothers, Soros, The GOP’s Establishment: (Paul Ryan, House Bush, McCain & Company, The Wall Street Journal, Factions in Wall Street, etc…). In his high powered campaign riddled with hyperbole but occasional substance he convinced the GOP and the Electoral College that he was the right person for the job. He has won and I’m curious to see what his legacy will be. I am cautiously optimistic for America. I don’t think America isn’t great. I believe America has always been great and growing in greatness. America is both a country and an idea and that country is heading towards a Republican direction.

The Democrats lost an election due to hitching a star on a woman already guilty in the court of public opinion. She is not criminally guilty, but she is guilty in the public opinion. The DNC’s actions at their convention speak in such a way that they are more out of touch with their voters: especially young voters after Wasserman Schultz and her teams actions in stealing the election from their members’ choice Bernie Sanders.

He would have been the smarter choice.

The DNC should be ashamed that they failed their voters. I doubt they will be. The Democrats are better at image management than Republicans are. If there are any changes they’ll be under the rug and we’ll never know about them. Bernie Sanders was the democrat choice and the theft of his candidacy by House Clinton/Soros simply shows that this is a party who didn’t read the writing on the wall. Instead they made a simple mistake of not listening to their members. Instead they chose a woman just as old as their better choice who rode in on her husband’s coat tails rather than ever earning her own merit until after his presidency. This ruined their chances for victory before they ever got up out of bed on Election morning. Will they learn? Maybe, but this is a party much like the Republican establishment which stopped caring about their actual members a long time ago. Their sorrows shall be deep for some time.

What Next?

Like me you probably have seen or heard some rather stupid hyperbole coming from the mouths of people who supported one candidate or another. I asked a very dear friend and Hugo Award Nominee science fiction author: Phil Kaveny who is seventy-two years old if he could remember an uglier election. He said Eisenhower-Stevenson’s struggle in 1952 was just as bad if not worse. He shared with me a few entertaining campaign ditties that were composed to demean Stevenson.

Our political parties have got to change. The Republican party whether it likes it or not has begun changing. It is going to have growing pains. The Democrat party has got to start caring about younger voices and younger candidates, especially at the grassroots level. So many offices in my own county are held by incumbents who have not been opposed since they first took office decades ago.  Bernie Sanders would have been a unifying, likable president. Instead as I said earlier they chose a woman guilty already in the eyes of the public. They’re paying dearly for this mistake. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson.

Nowadays, our lives are poorly and properly influenced by comments on social media. If I were you I would stop demeaning your friends for their political choices or just defriend them. If you can rebuild the relationship that is great. If you cannot, don’t try to convince or cajole. Simply walk away if their political stance is incompatible with your own. Build bridges with them in person outside of social media. Don’t allow the information overload to cause you strife.

I wish the United States of America continued success growth and development. I wish it to have continued success as an idea as well. We’ll see where it goes. Our regular programming can resume.


Brandon C. Hovey


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