Screamin Sicillian’s Mambo Italiano Stromboli


Screamin Sicillian makes incredible pizza. I’ve written about these two pizzas, and now I’m excited to try their stromboli. I have known about their stromboli only for a while now and the first one Amanda and I tried was their Mambo Italiano. This is similar to their pizza. Moist meatballs, and zesty pepperoni fill the stromboli. The flavors here are bold and fully developed. The blend of Italian cheeses including: Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Parmesan added to the experience that this stromboli provided. I’ m a big fan of Screamin Sicillian and this keeps making me like their product more.

What’s this?




Amanda has me in the mustache



Check out Screamin Sicilian’s Mambo Italiano Stromboli.

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