Checking In With You!

Shauva Tov! I hope you are doing fine, there’s a good week ahead of you. I hope you have a good week. It is my wish that you are having a wonderful week already. The weekend is coming to a close, and thankfully, 2016’s close is around the corner. This year is getting stale. The energy of a new year is always infectious.

I’m 31,000 words+ deep into a new manuscript. No. It is not Paul of Pinningdale. And, no I do not have writer’s block. I shifted gears and turned to something else. It is a sci-fi story set in the universe of Thuringer: The OfficerThuringer’s main character: Martin Thuringer, is based off of a real naval officer. Loosely though, in the fact that he is a linguist and was a propulsionist.

This new story is based off a real life set of events, but tailored to the universe of Thuringer: The Officer, the main character is a private investigator. I was a private investigator specializing in surveillance operations in rural and suburban settings. I’m now doing something completely different and that is to change shortly again as well. I’m excited for this new sotry.

Now, I want to tell you that the next several blog posts that I write are going to be a tad serious. I’ve observed some things that I cannot turn a blind eye to. These need to be reported, dissected, and analyzed. Some of these issues are cultural, some are poltical, and some are pet peeves of mine. The time is now to write about these issues is now.

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