Queen Anne Cherry Cordials


Thieves! They are not stealing cherry cordials though.


When I was aged six or seven I can remember stealing a box of Queen Anne Cherry Cordials from the kitchen. After this successful raid/breach of security I took it downstairs to the basement and after eating half the box  I was discovered. My grandpa laughed and he shared a few more with me after we consumed the meal ahead of time. Cherry cordials are a great part of the holiday season. They add to the splendor of Christmastime.

My treats for the day.

These dark chocolate delights have a bittersweet start. Plop them in your mouth, you’ll want to break them open with your ivories in just a few moments. When you do a sweet cordial cherry awaits. It is not sickly sweet though. It is just right. Whenever I have one of these I savor them and I celebrate.

If you have never had a cherry cordial, or a chocolate covered cherry you need to have one of these from the Queen Anne brand. They have all sorts of varieties including a milk chocolate one. Grab one of these now. Some of you may need this more than others. Enjoy.


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