Mens Health 2016 Part 1: Go To The Doctor

WARNING: Slightly Graphic!


No shave November has a meaning and that is for Men’s Health Awareness. I’m writing for men today. But this can apply to women as well. The lesson is simple, go to the doctor.


The Heart
The Colon
The Prostate

In these organs there are risks. These risks are at times life-threatening. Go to your doctor for checkups. The beards and mustaches are a blast, right? But they are meaningless unless you take action and go into the doctor’s office and get checked out. I used to drive by a billboard on a regular basis as a teen. I never knew what it meant until much later. I learned about it first hand two years ago.


Get yourself to a doctor to get the tests you need. We’ll discuss the importance of some measures to detect these issues so you can go to the doctor at a moment’s notice instead of wait for an appointment to encounter trouble.

6 thoughts on “Mens Health 2016 Part 1: Go To The Doctor

  1. This is so true, people say that women going through things like pregnancy mean that they see doctors more but the age that women are pregnant isn’t the age where they are likely to have life threatening diseases.
    Loved this post.

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