Barry’s Gold Tea


In Naperville, IL there was once an incredible Irish store owned and operated by real Irish and Irish-Americans. In Peoria Heights, IL there was another Irish store owned and operated by an Irish-American lady. My wife and I purchased our wedding rings at the latter mentioned store. Both of these stores had a plethora of great items ranging from tapestries, clothing, glassware, jewelry, and food. Also there was tea.

One of these teas was Barry’s. Barry’s is an Irish tea with a well-regarded past since 1901 they’ve been blending teas. Their Gold Blend is what one expects from a good all-day tea. Let’s explore and dive in.


This tea is definitely characteristically similar to other black teas like Lipton’s or Twinining’s English Breakfast.  This is a fruity tea with floral undertones. A woody punch is secondary with a lingering warming finish. This is a solid tea that would make a fine choice for you if you need a switch up in your tea drinking. Remember, sometimes we just need a change of pace.

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