PG Tips, A Classic English Black Tea

Black Teas and I go way back. PG Tips is a great example of an English style Black Tea. I’ll be upfront though. I’ve been drinking other teas. I have a large supply of this but the Twinnings family of Tea really has taken a hold of my tea consumption. I reviewed those here and here. Check them out. Let’s examine PG Tips.


This is a strong earthy smelling tea. Different than some of the fruitier black teas out there. Flavor is where it counts though. Smell is secondary in my book. This goes for beer, coffee, and tea. By now I don’t need to say that though.


This is a smooth drinking tea with a lot of fruity flavor. I can taste some tannins too. This is a simple, easy drinker. Is this my favorite black tea? It was for a long time. Nowadays I’ll drink something else faster than you could say “Bob’s Your Uncle.”


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