A Pleasant Sunday Breakfast

Ingredient List for the Egg Scramble: Eggs, Amana Summer Sausage, Amana Maple Sausage, Yellow Onion, Picante, Tositdos Salsa, Milk, Eggs, Miniscule amount of Kroger Italian Cheese Blend

Ingredient List for White Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Strawberry Danishes: Kroger Crescent Dough, Philidelphia Pumpkin Cream Cheese, Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Blend, Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar inside of the dough, Simple Truth Raspberry Preserves, Tassos Chocolate Strawberry Marmelade, Wild Horse Highlander Grog Coffee (White Chocolate Raspberry Featured the Torani White Chocolate sauce)


Sunday brunches are always a delight. Especially when Amanda makes a special breakfast. The scrambled eggs were sweet and savory. The maple sausage, and the summer sausages balanced each other out with the crispiness of the eggs. All in all, it was delicious! I’d highy recommend a visit to Amana, Iowa. The meat shop is always a part in making the trip worthwhile. The meat made the eggs excellent and even more flavorful. The Danishes were also excellent.

The Danishes were sweet and the tartness from the berries and the sweet or semi-sweetness from the chocolate enhanced the well-made Kroger dough. It was not too sweet like other doughs. This dessert was the best punctuation to an excellent meal. Amanda again created a fabulous meal.


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