Courage & Early Detection, A Tribute to Paul Arthur Hahn of Mackinaw, IL

This is a piece written in honor of a man full of courage. This is also a part of an ongoing series on men’s health I began a while ago. However Colon Cancer does not care who you are at all. So this for for everyone’s health.

Paul Hahn as Bacchus Courtesy of a Journal Star blog. 




The Mackinaw Valley Winery is one of the jewels of Central Illinois’s crown. This excellent vineyard in Mackinaw, IL has several great wines in their portfolio read about those here. We are not going to talk about libations though. We are going to talk about courage. Paul Hahn, the founder of Mackinaw Valley Winery passed several days ago after dealing with stage IV colon cancer.

I did not know Paul Hahn well, but I shook hands with him once. And I may have spoken to him briefly twice. He was a kind man, engaged in his community and dedicated to his craft rather it be carpentry or winemaking. He served on the county board and several school boards according to an obituary. He also served others by becoming an advocate for early detection after his diagnosis. Hahn shared his story and fought courageously. He had his first colonoscopy in 2012 according to the Peoria Journal Star and it was then he received this troubling diagnosis.

Paul Hahn Circa 2011 Source: You Tube

Hahn didn’t take his diagnosis as an excuse to quit on life. No. He became an advocate for early detection for colon cancer. Hahn’s advocacy was a testament to his personal courage and character. He was not only a leader in business, he was also a leader for healing the world via his early detection advocacy.



Watch this.

And this:


Paul Hahn will be missed by many. Hahn’s advocacy for early detection is a courageous one. He was willing to discuss the elephant in the room and the one family of diseases that can easily halt all conversations in a room: cancer. Early detection is important. Hahn said in an above linked interview that “Testing is easy.” It is worthwhile to note that he also said this in the above linked interview: “If you don’t want to grow old with your wife, or if you don’t want to see your grandchildren grow up, then go ahead and not get tested.”

Paul Hahn’s story of winemaking, curating a cultural hot spot in central Illinois (the winery), and lastly cancer advocacy makes his story a powerful one. Rest in Peace, Paul.





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