Great Value French Roast

Light and Medium Roasts have been the mainstay on this blog. Now and then, dark roasts do get some time here on this blog. The French Roast that I’m having right now is another Great Value coffee available at your local Wal-Mart. Read about their breakfast blend here.  I chose this coffee due to the need for a bolder coffee than the breakfast blend I mentioned earlier.



This coffee is a bold smelling one that is reminiscent of a good sotut or porter. It smells like a good French Roast. The woody pine and cedar notes are the first impression you’ll get from this coffee. An earthy and muddy undertone is at the finish that is rather raw and gnarly. It does not detract from this coffee though. However, it is rather on the strong side.

This is a solid budget coffee that has a high level of quality without reaching compromise on it to make it a budget blend. I recommend this coffee.


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