The Worlds Of Earth, Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

The Worlds Of Earth, A Review by Brandon C. Hovey



Science-Fiction is a vast genre. There are so many sub-genres. The Worlds of Earth though is a delightful and accessible read for readers young and old with an interest in Science-Fiction. This book is more so geared towards a YA (Young Adult) audience. However, fans of Heinlein, C.S. Lewis, Robert E. Howard, and J.R.R. Tolkien would enjoy this book. Author Pauline Marquez offers you a fantastic story full of suspense, intrigue, fear, warfare, undercover operations, and other fantastic scenarios. She also offers a tale of unbeatable and unbreakable hope in this book.

The Worlds of Earth is focused on the story of a teenage girl who rises to the challenges before her. Jen encounters a warrior horse, rebels, spies, queens, soldiers, and dark forces. She learns of her destiny and the role she is to play in these new worlds she is visiting. She is also reunited with a lost family member. This fast paced book will have you immersed and engaged with it’s stirring plot and fantastic characters. I’d have to say my three favorite characters are the warrior horse, Iyon, alongside Jen and the spy, Jared.

I met the author Pauline Marquez at my a book signing event I participated at in Peoria, IL at the fabulous book shop: The Book Nook. I met her along with some other authors there and Pauline’s book was the first on my list after attending that event. She and I sat next to each other as we signed off our works to readers. I enjoyed hearing her story about writing this book and her take on the writing process.

The Worlds of Earth is the first in a trilogy. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series. You will as well after finishing this book.

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