Anchor Christmas Ale, A must drink holiday beer

Beer: Anchor Christmas Ale

Beer Style: Winter Warmer

Abv: 6.5%

Brewery: Anchor Brewing Company

Country of Origin: United States of America (San Francisco, CA)

Serving style: Bottle poured into pint glass



Background: Anchor brewing’s flagship beer is Anchor Steam. I’ve had that beer before. It is great. This is likely their second famous beer. They’ve made this a holiday tradition and it tastes like an incredible cold weather beer. You need to try this.

Taste & Aroma: A light introduction of cinnamon and nutmeg tickles your nose as you bring the glass up to your face. A light roasted malt followed by spicy undertones, and finished with another round of spices makes this almost a beer reserved for the holiday season where good food and good fellowship go hand and hand. You cannot beat this for a holiday ale it seems.

Final Analysis: This is an exceptional ale for the connoisseur of craft beer and the lover of good food and fellowship. I’m going to save a bottle of this fine ale for Christmas time. Overall, I’m pleased as punch that I tried this excellent beer. I’m looking forward to trying more seasonal beers and more beers from the Anchor brewery.


Here’s a pre-holiday song for you.

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