Green Mountain Wicked Winter Blend, A Dark Roast


A dark roast coffee is something to be savored when it is well executed. A dark roast loves the keurig brewer as much as it loves a French press or an Aero press brewer. Green Mountain Coffee is likely the queen to coffees when it comes to Gevalia’s kingship. All others are pretenders to the throne.

The moment I had seen Wicked Winter’s box was the moment I had to try it. I am not a fan of winter, and I can say plainly that winter is wicked at times.The icy peak pictured on the box screamed: buy me. I brewed the cup up and now I’m drinking it as I write, let’s taste this goodness from Green Mountain.

This coffee has a dark, deep, and earthy aroma. I felt as if I was walking inside a cave as I took the first whiff of caffienated grapeshot. This coffee has power!


The flavors are woody, nutty, and again earthy. This may be a dark roast, the flavors though suggest something a little more high powered. I could drink this dark roast all day long. I suggest you enjoy some of this Wicked Winter Blend at the soonest opportunity. Would Constable Benton Fraser drink this excellent coffee? So far it has been the best winter time seasonal coffee that I have tried so far. Green Mountain achieves great things with their coffees. Enjoy!



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