Modelo Especial

Beer: Modelo

Beer Style: Pale Lager

Brewery: Grupo Modelo (Anheuser-Busch InBev)

Country of Origin: Mexico

Abv: 4.40%

Serving Method: 24 oz can poured into pint glass



Background: Amanda surprised me with a can of this Mexican beer that I’ve never tried before. I’ve had Negra Modelo. That is a decent Vienna Lager. Now I’m trying Modelo Especial thanks to her. Let’s check out this beer from America’s southern neighbor.

Taste & Aroma: There’s not much to smell here, folks. I’m just getting some straw and cereals. The beer tastes better than its smell. This is a malty, crisp, and refreshing beer with a clean finish. This is a full flavored pale lager.


Final Analysis: This beer is a good offering from the Modelo Group. Corona and Corona Light are worth checking out as well.

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