Tazo Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey is one of my favorite tea blends. I’ve never met an Earl Grey I didn’t like. Check out the Keurig version of Twinings of London’s Earl Grey here. Tazo is a tea purveyor I do not have much experience with at all. I first became acquainted with them in college, but then I stopped drinking tea for a bit. I returned to tea drinking last year, and this tea, Tazo Earl Grey is one of my companions for going to the movie theatre.

Taste & Aroma: The subtle aroma of bergamot tickles the nostrils as you bring this mug up to your nose. The flavors are bold and hard hitting. The bergamot, the malty taste of choice black tea leaves, and an earthy but bright finish strikes chords as this tea is savored. I think Jean-Luc would keep this in the ready room should the replicator break down.

“Make It So, Tazo”

I do not like going to the movies, but this tea makes it more than tolerable. I do not drink soda, and the local movie theaters don’t serve beer or wine. This oftentimes has me drinking bottled water if it is good. Tazo’s Earl Grey is served at my local theatre and I can say that it hits the mark perfectly when it comes to taste and aroma. It is also how I discovered this excellent tea. If you’ve not tried Tazo’s Earl Grey, you are missing out.


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