Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll, A Light Roast Coffee

That’s my foot beneath the positioned box.

I have never been to a Cinnabon. I’ve never had a reason to go. When I want baked goods I typically rely on my wife or go to Panera or Dunkin Donuts. If Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls smell as good as their coffee does though, I need to get myself over there right now in a jiffy. This is a welcoming aroma that screams ‘try me!’

Get yourself over to Cinnabon, Good Sir or Madam!

This is a cinnamon forward coffee in aroma and flavor. I feel as if I am at a bakery and someone has made a cinnamon-infused latte. The aroma is definitely of a cinnamon roll with frosting. The flavor is that of a cinnamon stick that has been pulverized and thrown into the brewer. The finish is reminiscent of a stick of Big Red chewing gum. However, it has been subdued incredibly. This is an excellent example of a good flavored coffee.

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