What I’ve Been Listening To: Clint Black’s “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

Put those hats and boots on. We’re going country this morning, 90s country, before negative forces infiltrated country music. This song in particular comes from Clint Black’s 1993 album: No Time To Kill. This particular song was also featured in the movie Maverick (1994).

The man himself, Clint Black

Clint is here to tell us about some good luck he hopes to get after some hard times after risking it big.

“A high roller, even when the chips are down.”

“Its time for a windfall, and not a single minute too soon..”

Clint is singing of a gambler who has risked it all oftentimes, and is hoping for a change that is long overdue, and he keeps risking it as it is the “only game I know to play.” The singer’s character in this ballad is both a daredevil and a prisoner of this game.

They need a miracle, and hopefully he’ll get one.


There’s another song, rather famous or infamous depending on who’s singing it that goes quite well with this theme of gambling. Check it out here.

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