Green Mountain Coffee’s Cinnamon Sugar Cookie


Green Mountain Coffee does a fine job with their coffees. Ever since I was given a Keurig as a gift I’ve been drinking Green Mountain Coffee. I’ve never met a coffee of there’s I’ve not liked. This is an example of an excellent flavored seasonal blend. I’ve not met a seasonal of there’s that I’ve disliked.


I love the flavor and the aroma that cinnamon provides. The distinctive scent is unmistakable. This coffee has a great character from this aroma. The cinnamon sugar carries me back to the last post I did about Green Mountain Coffee. I’m brought back to a holiday breakfast with this fine aroma.

The flavor is exactly like a cinnamon sugar cookie. The warming cinnamon with the teasing sugar provides your taste buds an adventure. If you’ve not tried this coffee or any Green Mountain Coffee, I suggest you do so now.

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