The Garner’s Deep Dish Supreme

Five Days Ago this mess was predicted

During Winter Storm Decima, I was pleasantly inside my house enjoying some good books, working on a voice over project for an indie game developer, and enjoying some excellent cuisine from Garner’s Pizza & Wings on the day after. I was savoring their Chicago style deep dish pizza.

I have long enjoyed their deep dish pizza. When I was in high school and in college this pizza was oftentimes my pre-race meal before a cross-country footrace either for IHSA events or NCAA Division III races. The sauce is still boss, and the crust is still a close representation of the style I always seek out.

The deep dish pizza in all of its glory!

Garner’s sauce is rich and tangy, the cheese is perfectly melted and delicious. The peppepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, and onion are arrayed so there is an ingredient on every bite. This is pizza and it harkens back to Garner’s old jingle which is an anthem to pizza and wings.

This is an old commercial, but that jingle is awesome! I’m certain those locations are obsolete as well. The pizza is good though. I purchased Garner’s Pizza from their Morton, IL location at 124 Detroit Ave, Morton, IL 61550. They deliver to Tremont, Morton, Groveland, and East Peoria. Try some of the best pizza in the Peoria area if you are able to at Garner’s Pizza & Wings.

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