Evan Williams Egg Nog


When it is Christmas time it is time to break out the Egg Nog. We’ve had two kinds before on this blog by Southern Comfort both non-alcoholic. Their original and the vanilla spiced. This one is spiked though with Kentucky Straight Bourbon, blended whiskey, rum and brandy according to the label. It smells like egg nog with it’s vanilla and spice, however there is a warming fire underneath this pale cream. At 15% abv, Evan Williams Egg Nog has character.

This is a delight! The classic flavors of egg nog meet the vanilla, oak, and burn of Kentucky bourbon and a warming finish from the brandy is present as well. I couldn’t taste the blended whiskey. However the excellent bourbon is shining through. This is the only spiked nog I’ve had so far this year. And by golly it beats some others I’ve had in the past. Give this one a try.


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