New Belgium Brewing’s Accumulation

Beer: Accumulation

Brewey: New Belgium

Abv: 6.2%

Serving Method: 12 oz bottle poured into Goose Island pilsner glass

Country of Origin: United States of America (Fort Collins, CO and Asheville, NC)


Background: This is a white IPA, a beer style that is not featured too often on this blog. In essence, a White IPA is a hybrid between a Belgian white and an IPA. Also I have never written about a New Belgium beer on this blog. Let’s dive in.


Taste & Aroma: A sprucey and pine aroma is present. The flavors are sublime. A funky sour start to this Belgian influenced hybrid is clear and present. A roasted, malty finish gives the beer a real ‘winter’ and Christmasy finish. I feel that this is a beer with winter flavors in mind.

Final Analysis: This is a great Christmas time ale. This is for the drinker who prefers something paler. Enjoy!

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