O Come, O Come Emmanuel

‘O Come, O come, Emmanuel’ is one of my good pal’s, favorite Christmas carols. Austin Simpson loves this song, ladies and gentlemen. This is an ancient carol too. It is an English translation of an old Latin hymn called ‘Veni, Veni, Emmanuel. The hymn has its origins in the 12th Century, but a modern English translation did not happen until 1851 in the early Victorian era. John Mason Neale published it in his collection Hymni Ecclesiae.

John Mason Neale

As I have done earlier, I have compiled several versions of this song from YouTube into a blogpost.

Here’s a traditional choir performing this.

Casting Crowns, A Christian rock group performs this old standard as an instrumentaal here:

The late Christina Grimmie performs an incredible version here:

Red Mountain Music performs a rustic version:

Boyz II Men do a fabulous job in their haunting version:

Bad Religion shakes the foundations here:

Sufjan Stevens:


5 thoughts on “O Come, O Come Emmanuel

  1. Great choice! Also of interest is the fact that the tune we now use has a completely separate origin in 1500s France. The “Veni Emmanuel” melody was first paired with processional chants for burial. Once the Latin text was paired with the familiar tune in the 1800s, the result became more popular than either words or music had been previously. Here’s my favorite interpretation to add to your fine selection of performances:

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