Sierra Nevada Single Hop Cascade IPA

Brewery: Sierra Nevada

Beer: Sierra Nevada Single Hop Cascade IPA

Beer Style: Single Hop IPA

Abv: 6.3%

Serving Method: 12 oz bottle poured into glass

Country of Origin: United States of America (Chico, California and Mills River, North Carolina)


Background: As I stated earlier I am a fan of Sierra Nevada. And my wife got me the Snowpack by Sierra Nevada, so I have all their seasonal beers in my posssesion for winter. I’m excited to have them. This my second one I tried their Maple Scotch first.

Taste & Aroma: The scent of hay, biscuits, and crackers are present. This golden beer looks good and smells good. That means we are off to a great start. That’s lovely isn’t it? Of course, flavor is always the real test for a beer. Smelling good is one thing, tasting good is the prime factor for success.


The opening is biscuits, crackers, and a touch of honey. The finish is a subtle and leafy hop bite with a tactile earthy burn at the end that screams a ‘rope-like’ flavor that I love in an IPA.

Final Analysis:  I’m not keen on single hop IPAs. They’re oftentimes done poorly. However this one and Two Brothers Heavy Handed featuring Cascade hops are IPAs done well. Pick this up before the opportunity is lost for good, readers!

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