An Ode To The French Press

Earlier I wrote and shot a video of one of my Christmas gifts, a French press loaded with Gevalia Single Origin Guatemala. This coffee made me remember why you cannot beat a French Press. It was a delight! French press brewed coffee is a favorite of mine, and it has been for some time now. Let me tell you the story of how I came to know the French press.

I don’t like my coffee too hot either, so a French press provides better temperature control for me. 

My parents were and still are real estate agents. Now and then we’d help people move. Once such client of my parents was a hobbyist coffee roaster, and he had plenty of different ways to enjoy his coffee. One of those ways was via the French press. I can remember at age sixteen asking him this. “How does this work, Sir?”

He explained it to me. I was intrigued. At my local coffee shoppe a few days later I ordered a French press brewed coffee. After that, I was hooked. As a Christmas present, long, long ago, I recieved my first French press. It was a small single cup one. That lasted until about college until the glass was cracked somehow. The one I recieved for Christmas last year is my third French press.

It looks like a detonator that a Loony Toons character would use. In reality it doesn’t set off ACME TNT, rather it sets off a flavor explosion.

French presses make a boring coffee taste extraordinary! I won’t tell you what I’m having right now, but it isn’t a usual. Any coarse ground coffee is a good candidate to be French press brewed. These presses have been around since the roaring twenties, and it is not actually certain if a French national was the inventor as an Italian filed the first patent. Enjoy a French press coffee. It is caffeine magic.

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