Victory In Jesus: An Old Favorite


Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr., the composer

Eugene Monroe Bartlett was a composer, a teacher, and above all he is known as a hymnist. This song is one of his last and one of his most famous works. For further reading visit this page. Barlett’s hymn had a great impact on many people including me.

This hymn was 473 in my old church’s hymnal: The Hymnal For Worship And Celebration. I’ll never forget me shouting out for it to be sung during a gospel sing at the age of eight or nine. My grandma helped me get it sung. She’s always been a good advocate for me, and so it was sung that evening.

Once my vehicle was running low on gasoline. I was nineteen and somehow forgot to see to it staying topped up. Fortunately we made it to a nearby gas station where we refueled. However, we may have sung half a dozen hymns in a prayerful act to pray that we would not have a depleted gas tank and be stranded by the roadside.

The singing contractors provide a stirring rendition to an incredible song.

Guy Penrod of Gaither fame offers this rousing version.

Merle Haggard tells us the old story with a country twang.

Jimmy Fortune of Statler Brothers fame provides an uptempo one. He is assisted by the gospel legend, Bill Gaither.

A bluegrass version by the Gatlin Brothers is here:

Here’s a rocking good version with many gospel artists including Woody Wright and D. Scott Kramer. They even give us a bonus with ‘There is Power in The Blood!’

This version will take you to a luau sing. Well done, Todd b

Some readers may appreciate this version.

This relaxing but spirited instrumental by the late Anthony Burger is a delight.

Fred Johnson’s version is likely one of my favorites renditions of this old, old hymn.

This ocarina version of the song is a treat to hear.






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