Max Payne 2, Great sequel to a great game.


Game: Max Payne 2 (2003)

Platform Played: PC

Genre: Third Person Shooter (Neo Noir and Detective Fiction)

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Price: I purchased this on sale for five or so dollars.

Detective Max Payne is back on the beat. After the events of the first game, Payne has been reinstated and cleared of all charges relative to the incidents involving Lupino, Punchinello, and the manufacturers of the drug Valkyr. Payne has new problems though. A group of private military contractors are posing as cleaners, and they are covered more by just these disguises, they are covered by a web of deceit involving characters from the prior game. Old friends become new enemies in Max Payne 2.

One of the beautifully illustrated title screens.

Max Payne 2 brings back great characters from the first game and the same excellent 80s and 90s action movie inspired gameplay. The weapons are staples from every action movie from the era. And Max’s hardboiled dialogue fits the game like your favorite leather jacket or gloves. The man with twin Beretta 92s is back, and this time he has an effective helper. The Assassin Mona Sax who is also his love interest in this game.

Max on the right and Mona on the left.

This game tells a dark story of one man’s continued war against the mafia similar to Don Pendelton’s Mack Bolan series.


With the enemy of organized crime in front of you and the enemy within behind you, Max Payne 2 has moments that make this game well worth playing. You’ll enjoy this game if you play it. From start to finish it builds on the story of the first game and completes the gameplay experience. Read about the first game here.

Best Moments: I don’t have time to discuss every scene of the game. But I would have to say protecting Vinnie Gognetti in his Captain BatBoy costume was a delight.


Also playing Mona Sax was a lot of fun as well. While the style of gameplay does not change it is interesting to see the world of Max Payne from her perspective.






The dream levels in this game are tremendously better than game one.

Max Payne 2, is a fun romp through New York City under the cover of a rainfall instead of a snow storm. Max and Mona have their hands full in this actioneer. This game is well worth your time, and I strongly advise you playing it. Buy it on Steam, or perhaps a local shop may have it in stock. Enjoy this excellent third person game.

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