Westrock Coffee Company’s East Africa Blend

East Africa

I was in my local grocery store and if you know me you know I like to seek out new coffees to try. Heavens, if you read this blog you know that I do. I had seen this coffee for the first time and the proud elephant on the box spoke to me. This majestic animal is also on the k-cups of this excellent coffee as well. The packaging is brilliant.

The K-cup

I had never heard of this company either, and I can say the company is of high moral fiber as well. Read this screenshot I took of their website. Visit their website here. 


The packaging has pop!
A Westrock Success Story!
When I read Sweet & Nutty I had no choice, but to be intrigued!

The packaging intrigued me, the company’s morals were impressive and the coffee was now in front of me. I enjoyed it. The aroma is of chestnut and a little bit of vanilla. The flavor of course is always the star, and oh boy it is! The nutty and bright flavors of this coffee are a delight, there’s a fruity middle, and a light chocolately finish at the end. This is an incredible coffee, and I endorse Westrock Coffee’s East African Blend without reservation. I’m going to obtain more of their coffees and write about those as well.

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