Rwanda Select Reserve from Westrock Coffee

Here’s another coffee from Westrock! My dog is close by me. She obviously is wondering what’s going on and why I’m so excited about this box of goodness.

Earlier I reviewed Westrock’s excellent East Africa Blend. It put me on a Westrock Coffee kick. This is an excellent coffee company. Visit their website here. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. They make an excellent product and this is coffee with an excellent mission. In their own words it is life changing coffee. Read this image from their website.


Here is another awesome testimonial of Westrock Coffee’s excellence.

The Rwandan Select Reserve is an excellent coffee. And it is one to savor in the evenings. The aroma of cedars is superb! This scent is a perfect opener to this coffee’s rich flavor. A sweet citrus flavor is what I get out of this coffee. The finish is lingering, and this is where the blackcurrant note they discussed on their box is present for me. Delicious!


This coffee is a real winner! And if you’ve not tried Westrock Coffee yet, you are missing out completely. Westrock has an amazing mission and a delicious product. Try some of their coffee today.

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