Update & Another Manuscript Finished

The Author at an event held today on 01/01/2017, Photo Credit: My Wife, Amanda J.N. Hovey

Today I had an author signing event. I learned more about some promotional techniques from a fellow author, Pauline Marquez. I reviewed her first book here. It was good to catch up with her. Visit her Facebook page. Furthermore, it was also excellent to reconnect with Kathryn Dorbeck, I’m currently reading her Red Aura, and I am enjoying it!

I just completed my latest manuscript: Jade’s Dish. I’ll be publishing it this year, and this will be my first piece of fiction published in the first person. I’m looking forward to sharing some excerpts with you. I hope to have it published in April or May of this year: 2017.

4 thoughts on “Update & Another Manuscript Finished

    1. I learned about gotprint.com and I was happy to hear about their prices for materials like bookmarks and business cards.

      Thanks for asking. The event was decent due to this learning experience. Ironically, the event itself was poorly promoted and staged so I networked with other authors more than anything.

      Don’t join a writer’s group, by the way. Most wannabe authors are jailed by those and they’re never going to finish anything because their held hostage by the social sanctions and expectations of the group.

      Thanks for your comment!


      1. Yeah, that second part I really found out. I was one, and for like 6 months all it was, was pontificating on all the ‘flaws’ everyone’s writing had. I’d still be there 2 years later ‘refining’ my stories!

        Anyway new authors should ally together, I’d like to become friends and help each other out.


      2. I’ll read your stuff and get back to you. Glad you found out about writer’s groups. I’ve never been in one, but I’ve learned enough about them to say ‘never’ and when hell freezes over to them.

        You either are a writer or you are not a writer. And your an author when you get self-published or published. I met two people shackled by writer’s groups and there never going to get published because they’re shackled in the same cages as their compatriots.


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