Tazo Chai K-Cup


Sometimes you need something other than coffee as your first beverage of the day. I decided to enjoy Tazo’s Chai from the Keurig. I’m glad I did. this is a delicous tea. It is a better chai than most that come from the Keurig. The aroma and the flavor make this a beverage well worthwhile having.

The aroma is of cinnamon and other spices. This beverage has an impressive scent and all it does is makes you want to drink this fabulous morning beverage, or you could drink this all day I suppose. The robust flavor of cinnamon, cardomom and other spices makes this a bold beverage. The lingering black pepper flavor will inspire you as it has me.

Tazo doesn’t always have the best teas, however their Chai and their Earl Grey are far from disappointments. Try their Chai soon.


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