Westrock Coffee’s Mesa Morning Blend

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that as of late, I’ve been on a Westrock Coffee kick. It is morning, I’m about to have breakfast. Before I have breakfast it is time for some light roast coffee. Meza Morning Blend appears to be the beverage of choice for a start to the day. This is a light roast coffee that is going to have more caffeine than its two counterparts I reviewed earlier. Read about those here and here.



Here is another example of Westrock Coffee helping the people in Rwanda through direct trade partnerships.
A bright coffee is always better in the morning.


This is a screenshot from their website. I suggest you visit it here.

This coffee has a pleasant aroma of citrus, woody cedars, and a hint of pine. The flavor is exceptional too. And as with anything, I always say that the flavor is the star. Brown sugar, mellow woods, and an earthy lingering finish are present here. A sweet start but a lingering semi-sweet finish make this an exceptional light roast.

Phoebe is excited about great coffee too.

I am eager to continue my journey enjoying all of the amazing coffees by Westrock.

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