Stone Ripper, A Taste of Summer In The Midst of Winter

Beer: Ripper

Brewery: Stone Brewing Company

Beer Style: India Pale Ale

Abv: 5.7%

Country of Origin: United States of America

Serving Method: Can poured into glass


Background: I was in an IPA mood. Stone never seems to fail. Let’s try Ripper out and see if this hyped up IPA is worthwhile. Stone rarely disappoints so let’s see what they have here.

Taste & Aroma: The nose here is full of pine and grapefruit. A little bit of floral hop is there too. This is a good tasting, yet balanced IPA. I’m picking up pine at the start, orange in the middle and grapefruit at the end followed by a lingering hoppy finish that is unmistakably for anything else but an IPA. This is an IPA!


Final Analysis: This is a delicious IPA with floral, citrus, and hoppy notes that makes it a summertime ale that can liven up the winter. Give this beer a chance. You just may like it. This is another hit by Stone.


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