Tomb Raider: Anniversary, A great introduction to Pre 2013 Tomb Raider

Game: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary (2007)

Platform Played: PC

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Purchased on Steam for under $10.00




The Start

The first Tomb Raider game I ever played was the 2013 series reboot which I discussed in this post. I have played some of the classic games from this series, pre 2006 but I need to find resources to map a game controller to use as the traditional keyboard controls give me trouble. Thankfully, Anniversary has controller support. This game has an interesting plot, and exceptional level design!


Lara Croft, archaeologist and adventurer is contracted by a shadowy businessperson to puruse an artifact called the Scion. The journey takes her around the world, and oftentimes far from the touristy portions and moreso to the exotic, crumbling, and remote regions. These are the places where the road is not only less traveled, it is also reduced to ledges, ladders, ropes, and precipices.

Lara has tools to help though: a grapple, firearms, and her climbing skills. The player chooses the applications. This is Super Mario with guns. If you have ever played a Tomb Raider game you should start with this or the 2013 reboot. This gives you a good introduction to the atmosphere of the series, but moreso the classic leaning era of this series. And that is a Tomb Raider game without a bow and arrow.

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