Bison Meatloaf

Amanda found another hit from Pinterest tonight. I’m loving that website, I think I’ll create an account there soon.

Ingredient List: Bison, Sage, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, stone ground mustard, eggs, milk, shallots, and Italian bread crumbs.

We are fans of bison at this house. Bison is a good lean meat that you cannot go wrong with on most occasions. It makes a great burger, and a bison steak is something to savor. Let’s talk about this meatloaf. It looks as if it shall be as good as my mom’s. 


This meatloaf is aromatic and the Worcestershire sauce teases your nose and preps your palette for an exceptional meal that lies ahead of you. This moist meatloaf is bold in flavor. And it is tender! I’m tasting the Worcestershire sauce, the sage, and a mustardy finish at the end, followed by a lingering resonance of the remnants of the Worcestershire sauce.




This is in the same league as mom’s meatloaf. You’ll be running to try this, like a bat out of hell.


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