Lindor Truffles Assortment

The bag




The Truffles


Lindor Truffles are some of my favorite chocolates. They’re easily obtainable and there’s nothing half-hearted about them. This is premium Swiss Chocolate.

Blue Wrapper= Dark Chocolate: This is decadence in a spherical shape. A warming, earthy flavor is triggered as the chocolate melts in your mouth after you have bitten through the center. This is most excellent and well worth trying.

White Gold Wrapper= White Chocolate: This is a sweet, truffle with a creamy texture and the unmistakable signature of white chocolate’s lingering finish.

Dark Gold Wrapper= Caramel: This is Lindt’s take on a caramel filled truffle. It is superb. The outer milk shell starts to melt and a caramel cream exposes its true nature. This is almost overpowering, but it is balanced enough to be enjoyable. Not my favorite out of this assortment, but it is still delicious.

Red Wrapper= Milk Chocolate: This is Lindt’s milk chocolate truffle. This is brilliant. Again, Dark Chocolate’s cousin is decadence like it’s blue clad kin. However, this is a sweeter and creamer truffle that is worth savoring. You’ll be thanking me later for pointing this out to you.

Black Wrapper= Extra Dark Chocolate: This is pure Ecstasy. This is the premium truffle out of all of these in the assortment. I love this. This is my favorite. It may not be yours. Let me tell you why I love it. This salty, warming, almost boozy chocolate melts until it’s center is compeletly extruded from its shell. A powerful potent taste of creme de cacao is at the finish and this lingers like a smoky campfire embering in the moonlight.

Get these chocolates! What are you waiting for?



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