Westrock Coffee Company’s Kivu Bold

Westrock Coffee just sent their Kivu Bold Coffee to me.
I love their logo and graphics.

Background: Westrock Coffee is coffee on an excellent mission. I’ve been enjoying their coffees tremendously lately, and I’ve not met one so far that I didn’t like. Read my reviews on their East Africa Blend, Rwanda Select Reserve, and their Mesa Morning Blend. Kivu Blend like these others is just as brilliant and is another example of Westrock’s commitment to quality.






Aroma & Taste: This coffee has the scent of light smoke and some citrus. The flavor is of bold woody cedar, and a subtle brown sugar finish is at the end. It lingers on and does not leave your palette for a while. It is delightful!

Final Analysis: If you are looking for excellent coffee that gives back and does good in the world, try Westrock. If you are looking for great tasting coffee that does good in the world, and is on a mission, why haven’t you tried Westrock Coffee yet. Get cracking and buy some now.


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