How a Computer Game Spurred A Love of History in a Little Boy: The Music of Caesar II

Author’s Note: NO IMAGES ARE MY OWN!!!

When I was little my older brother would play computer games and I’d observe. This is how I was introduced to the worlds of electronic gaming and thanks to one game history, in particular the classical period.

Game:Caesar II (1995)

Developer: Impressions Games

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Price: I never bought it. It was my brother’s. I did buy the sequel though.

Platform Played: PC

Caesar II was a city-building game. It was well made and a lot of fun. As a roman governor you would manage a province and its capital thorough public works projects, public safety oversight, and trade. Also military might was used. After all, it wouldn’t be a game about the Roman Empire if there wasn’t military might to enforce the Pax Romana that Augustus declared.





Here is a link to a gameplay video:

The music I have always found to be captivating,and so I will share with you the music of Caesar II. The midi files of fanfares and war drums captured my six or seven year old self and made me want to find out how to reach Ancient Rome and serve Caesar as a governor and a legate.

These are stirring themes and each has its own imagery that it invokes. I strongly encourage you to savor each of these songs. And of course, this is one of my favorite clips in the game. The promotional one.

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