Half Acre’s Gone Away

Beer:Gone Away

Brewery: Half-Acre Beer Company

Beer Style: IPA

Serving Method: Pint can poured into dimpled pint

Country of Origin: United States of America

Abv: 7.00%

Background: I am certainly a fan of Half Acre’s beer. They do a tremendous job of crafting excellent brews like Daisy Cutter and others. I’ve showcased those earlier and the moment I had seen this can with its southwest inspired design, my curiosity was sparked and I’m glad I opened the can and poured it. This was delicious.


Taste & Aroma: I’m smelling what I love in an IPA. Hops, malt, and the aroma of floral scents with a bit of rope there too. This has set the stage for enjoyment. Folks, I believe we have a winner, here! This beer tastes like a excellent IPA. A sharp bite is followed by a good crisp malt, which is then broken up by a strong and formidable hop bite with a lingering citrus finish. This is beer.


Final Analysis: Half Acre makes fabulous beer. I’m a fan of this brewery. Check out my other reviews of their work and you too can see why they possibly are one of Illinois’s best breweries. We cannot be proud of our governors. But we should be proud of our beer in the land where the railsplitter grew up.


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