Police Quest, A Dated Game of Historical Value (1987, 1992)

A briefing

Game Police Quest, 1987, 1992

Publisher: Sierra

Developer: Sierra

Designer: Jim Walls

Price: This game in a bundle on Gog. com

Author’s Note: No Images Are My Own

Driving in this old game is horrendous!

Background: This game was remade from its old state in 1992, when I was two years old. I first had seen ads for this game in 1996 and I remembered that I wanted to play it. I never did until now. It certainly was ground breaking, however it was not for me.

This was an important game and still is: This game brought the police procedural concept to gaming. And made it possible for other titles in its series to be born. However, it also paved the way for other games in this genre which will be reviewed at a later date. I enjoyed my brief time playing this game.

Final Analysis: This game wasn’t bad however the driving mechanics were too annoying for me to rationalize playing this. Also I cannot waste time to learn these mechanics. This game is of historical value, but it is just too old to really be playable for me. Maybe you’ll have more patience. I’ll let you know what I think of the third game in this series. I’m skipping the second one.

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