Rainbow Six 3, An End of An Era

Game: Rainbow Six 3 (2003)

Genre: Tactical Shooter

Publisher: UbiSoft

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment


Background: Earlier, I reviewed Rainbow Six (1998), the original game in the series. Like SWAT 3 (1999), it helped define and create a genre of games we know as tactical shooters. Rainbow Six 3, I would call the last great game in its series. Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2, were fine games. However, they are nothing like their predecessors: tactical shooters that have details and a focus on immersive single player campaigns.

The Campaign: You’ll battle terrorists in Europe, South America, and in the Caribbean Sea. John Clark and former frontline RAINBOW operative Kevin Sweeney will brief you before your missions. Levels range from oil refineries to meat packing houses, and you’ll even storm a centuries old bank in the UK to protect hostages and financial records from being wiped out.

Outfit your operatives with the very best gear. This game has detail. You can even choose between full metal jacket bullets and hollow points. 


Kevin Sweeny gives you a briefing.
Apprehending a suspect. 


The Weapons: The first game had a limited selection of weapons. In Rainbow Six 3 the player has access to Tavors, M60 Light Machine Guns, and P90s. These assault weapons can be paired with the team’s ubiquitous USPs or SIG-Sauer M11A1’s called the P228 in game. Since Team RAINBOW has been around longer, I suppose their budget was increased to expand their tools of the trade.

A Shortcoming: At times the game has theplayer needing to be stealthy: the penthouse level is one that is worthwhile skipping. Why, you ask? This is a game that doesn’t really allow for stealth, dear reader. This penthouse level is about the same as JKII’s one horrendous stealth sequence that did not make any sense in game. If you want stealth, play Dishonored. 

Final Analysis: This is a great game. Get it on GOG.com and understand why Rainbow Six was once a respected tactical shooter franchise that focused on single player excellence. Nowadays it is just another Counterstrike.




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